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Yard Treatments for Fleas and Ticks

         Deer ticks, fleas are public health pests that spread disease. Our yard treatments will help protect your family and 

         pets from the spread of disease. Lyme disease is a debilitating disease caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.
         Deer ticks are the most common vectors of this bacterium. Lyme disease is easily transmitted to human and animal hosts

         through the deer tick’s bite.

Mice and Rodents

          Rodent infestations can cause considerable damage to buildings and local agriculture. Rodents are also known  

          carriers of many diseases and prove a health hazard to humans.  Rodent populations grow quickly and steadily. Rodent 

          control is best started prior to infestations. In order to protect your home, garden and health from existing rodent

          infestations, professional, customized solutions are often necessary.

Commercial Pest Management

          Commercial sites like restaurants have pests that need to be monitored and controlled in a safe manner.          

Real Estate Inspections

          When purchasing a home in Rhode Island, a termite and wood destroying insect inspection will be required 

          by your bank. We can provide a conventional and FHA inspection.

Landscape Trees and Shrubs Insects Management

         Our Licensed Arborist can help in the protection of your trees and shrubs that are valuable and expensive to replace. 

         Often unusual pests invade these valuable Ornamentals. We know which treatments work the best for each pest

Carpenter Ants

          The most obvious sign of carpenter ant infestation is the presence of workers inside a building or home.   

          However, the presence of ants is not conclusive evidence that a carpenter ant colony has established its 

          nest within a structure. Carpenter ants forage for food within great distances of their nests.

Bees / Wasp / Hornets and other stingers

          Don't get stung this year. Not only do we eliminate them and remove the nests, we treat areas around your 

          home to help prevent them from coming back.

Residential Pest Management

          Our pest prevention program is an environmentally safe alternative to traditional pest control.

          Our focus is on the exterior of the property, where pest problems originate. Should a pest problem occur inside,

          we will inspect and treat those areas using the most safest methods possible.

Termite Treatments

           We use every method available to control termites. Each structure requires a different strategy.

Powder Post Beetle

          These wood destroying pest are common in New England (not just in old homes). We use several 

          methods to control them.

Mosquito Treatments

           We have has designed a program that is geared toward reducing mosquito populations around the home. Since 

           mosquitoes  can travel distances and you have no control over forested areas or swamp areas, you can’t totally eliminate 

           mosquitoes around your home, even with our help. However, our service has been proven to reduce this pest to 

           acceptable levels.